If you are looking for a perfect place to reconnect with yourself and nature, to relax and get away from city noise and stress, then Puerto Princesa, Palawan must be one of your choices. This  article will share our itinerary and tour packages for 4 days and 3 nights captured by Supremo 1 Action Camera. Sample photos and videos for using Supremo 1 Action Camera are also on this blog.

Exploration of Peace, Arts, Freedom and Culture at Puerto Princesa, Palawan
| Exploration of Peace, Arts, Freedom and Culture at Puerto Princesa, Palawan |
supremo 1 action camera 2
*This photo is not mine. Credits to the owner/Supremo 1 Action Camera. It was my first time to use Supremo 1. This action camera was perfect for my Adventures – may it be underwater or not. This comes with accessories and is bought from Kimstore Online Shop. You can use this with iDV smartphone app or with the bundled remote. See this blog’s photos and video for sample reference.
Balay Inato Pension
Balay Inato Pension. Secured with 24-hour CCTV cameras. Our room includes Air Con, Cabled TV, hot and cold shower, Intercom, free WiFi, cabinet, mini kitchen and a lanai. They also have a  spacious parking.  You can choose from their Family Rooms or Double Rooms. Rooms are just a few steps away to their restaurant. Balay Inato Pension also offers free daily breakfast upon your stay.

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We stayed at Balay Inato Pension, a pension house/Bed and Breakfast inn. It stands out for its “feels like home” atmosphere. Balay Inato Pension is just a 2- to 5-minute drive from the Puerto Princesa International Airport.  Upon arrival, you never have to worry about looking for the place because Balay Inato Pension offers free shuttle services of pickup and drop-off from and to the airport.

I loved our stay because of relaxing ambiance, great food, accommodating service and artistic decorations (you will see a showcase of Palawan’s art and culture through decorated paintings, sculptures and photographies). Balay Inato Pension is also famous for its flagship restaurant, Haim Chicken Inato. Their Chicken Inato is a must-try!

Not your ordinary Chicken Inasal! Haim Chicken Inato, the specialty dish. Served with atsara and sauce.
DAY 1: Explore Culture with the City Tour

For a worry-free and hassle-free tour, we let Balay Inato Pension arranged our tour packages with van rental. We have arrived at Balay Inato Pension on a morning and our half-day City Tour started after lunch. If you choose not to avail the packages, you can mix and match places or Do-It-Yourself to enjoy a budget-friendly tour.  

I'm amazed on how their tricycles were designed. Tricycles charge P8 to P10 per person, per destination.
Tricycles charges P8 to P10 per person, per destination.
  • Puerto Princesa Baywalk
  • Plaza Quartel
  • Immaculate Conception Cathedral
  • Mitra Ranch
  • Bakers’ Hill
  • Butterfly Garden and Tribe Village
  • Pasalubong Shops

Package Rate: P600 per person. This includes Entrance Fees and Licensed Tour Guide.

Note:  Donations for some places are optional.Bring extra budget for foods to try at Baker’s Hill and for pasalubongs. Palawan is also known for Cashew Nuts, Pearls and Exotic foods like crocodile meat/meal. Baker’s Hill’s Hopia is also recommended.

Pearls at MCA Pasalubong Center Mitra's Ranch Baker's Hill. Perfect for families and Kids. Butterfly Garden and Tribal Village MCA Market Mall and Pasalubong Center The Plaza Cuartel

  • Optional for Dinner: Kinabuch’s Grill and Bar. A large open-air bar. One of Palawan’s restaurants that offers crocodile meals.
Kinabuch's Croc-Adobo. First time to eat crocodile meat - It was incredibly delicious!
Kinabuch’s Croc-Adobo. First time to eat crocodile meat – It was incredibly delicious! *Photo by Mimi Montances and is NOT taken by my Supremo 1 Action Camera
DAY 2: experience the Underground river tour and Survive ugong rock adventure
  • Underground River Tour
  • Buffet Lunch at Gusto Grill
Underground River
Underground River Photo op. If you don’t have your own camera and you just want to enjoy your experience, you have an option to have your photos taken by Underground River photographers. You can claim your photos with their official design at P180.
Underground River Rules for Cave Tour
Rules to observe for the Cave Tour
Buffet lunch after the Underground River Tour at Gusto Grill and Resto.
Buffet lunch after the Underground River Tour at Gusto Grill and Resto. This is included in our tour package. The entrance fee is P200 if you plan to Do-It-Yourself.

Package Rate: P1,500 per person. This includes Permits and Terminal Fees, Buffet Lunch, Motorized Boat round trip transfer and Licensed Tour Guide.

Note: Bring ID for the Underground River Tour.  I recommend you to eat light or take meds if you get dizzy fast because the route to Sabang port (Port to Underground River) will be a long winding zigzag road. It is also advisable to bring insect repellent for this tour.

  • Optional: Spelunking and Zipline at Ugong Rock Adventure
Spelunking at Ugong Rock Adventures
Spelunking at Ugong Rock Adventures. *Photo by Charles San Juan and NOT taken by my Supremo 1 action camera
Ugong Rock Adventure's Spelunking and Zipline. They will take a photo of you with your Zipline moment. You can have it at P100.
Ugong Rock Adventure’s Spelunking and Zipline. They will take a photo of you with your Zipline moment. You can have it at P100.

Fees: Spelunking costs P200. Fee for Zipline in sitting position is P250. Zipline in superman position is P350.

DAY 3: find Peace and freedom with honda bay ISLAND Hopping

Honda Bay Island has 16 islands. Our tour package only includes access to 3 islands called Starfish Island, Luli Island and Cowrie Island. It was a fun, peaceful and relaxing Island Hopping. Our package also includes Picnic Lunch at Starfish Island.

Snorkeling at Starfish Island
Snorkeling at Starfish Island
Fun Photo-op at Honda Bay's Cowrie Island
Fun Photo-op at Honda Bay’s Cowrie Island. They have accommodating and creative local photographers.

Package Rate: P1,300 per person. This includes Entrance Permits and Terminal Fees, Picnic Lunch, Use of Cottage, Boat transfers and Licensed Tour Guide.

Note: If you don’t have your own snorkeling gears, worry not! You can rent gears on your way to the Honda Bay Wharf.

Aquatic Gear - Snorkeling Rental Shop. You can rent Snorkeling gears for as low as P150. Better to take care of it because if you lost it, you will pay for it (Around P1,500).
Aquatic Gear – Snorkeling Rental Shop. You can rent Snorkeling gears for as low as P150. Better to take care of it because if you lost it, you will pay for it for around P1,500.

Optional:  A room service whole body massage. After a long day of adventure, you deserve a relaxing massage! Our place, Balay Inato Pension, offers this service. Regular whole body massage costs P350.

day 4: Reminisce your stay and check out

There are so much to explore and to do in Puerto Princesa, Palawan. 4 days and 3 nights are not enough to explore everything. For the days and tours we have spent in that wonderful place, I have found Peace, Freedom, Arts and Culture.

Other places to visit and packages to try at Puerto Princesa, Palawan:

  • Crocodile Farm
  • Binuatan Creation
  • Dos Palmas Tour
  • Firefly watching
  • Dolphin Watching
  • San Carlos River Cruise


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  • hi may i know how to use tbe remote bundle of supremo 1 action cam.. cause i do have a device like yours but i didnt know how tobuae the remote. thank you!

    • Hi Nica, thanks for your comment! First of all, check if your remote is charged with battery. Most users thought that their Supremo 1’s remote is not working because it is not charged. 🙂

      To set up your device, please see below instructions from the page 12 of the manual:

      1. Press and Hold the “Picture” & “Video” buttons of the remote at the same time, then turn the camera ON.

      2. When the camera enters into the real live interface, release the “Picture” & “Video” buttons.

      3. When the Middle Led Indicator of the remote lights up, then the set up is finished.

      * Please keep holding the “Picture” & “Video” keys during setup.
      * You only need to setup once, afterwards the camera will recognize your remote automatically.
      *The WiFi function & Remote controller cannot be used simultaneously.

      I hope this helps, Nica. Please check the comments in my Youtube video for FAQs. Thank you and enjoy! 🙂

    • Hi, Paul! Supremo 1 Action camera has 1000mAh Battery. Based from its specs, you can have 100 minutes of Continuous Recording. Battery life of a fully charged Supremo 1 battery depends on shooting conditions. 🙂

    • Hi Jesryl! Most of the time, I use the remote watch. It will make it easier for you to take photos while you are using your camera with Jackpod. Last option is to use the timer. I hope this helps! thanks! 🙂

  • hello mam, ask ako.. yung supremo1 ko nagvideo ako ng sayaw but when i preview it in my computer, the actions was delayed… ano pong problema dito mam?

    pls help me with this

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