A lot of people from different part of the world visits Craigslist for its several use from posting ads to buy or sell products and services to job search. As stated in an article from Entrepreneur.com, Craigslist.org gets an estimated 10 million unique visitors per day.


This have given me a reason to find Craigslist as one of the free, powerful and simplest ways to market your business online. I also find this as a helpful tool for those who wants to work at home and market their services online – reaching different part of the world. With this, I created a beginner-friendly tutorial to introduce Craigslist, learn on how to create an account and post classified ads.

So let’s do it! Learn and Explore below:


Anna is the founder and blogger behind Homeworks with Anna. She blogs about her love for arts, adventures, exploring, working at home, beauty, travel, community service, music, spa and food. She is also interested about home, life, dreams, freedom and God. Coming from working as advertising account executive for 2 years at a young age of 22, Anna finally decided to work at home as full time to live a life and work in freedom.

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