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I still remember the day I have learned the basics of Photoshop. I find it complicated to hear but it was exciting when I started to learn and see how it works. Photo editing and graphic designing with Photoshop is like a magic. You can easily manipulate photos or create from nothing to something.


Photoshop, a program created by Adobe, has been useful in many ways from enhancing photos to creating graphic designs for promoting business, events and the like. Today, there are a lot of image editors and graphics applications. But still, I find the Photoshop application more convenient – whether the materials are for web or print. This includes creating logos, flyers, banners, invitation cards, calling cards, and posters to name a few. Could you imagine how you can promote your business easier or earn by offering graphic design services from mastering Adobe Photoshop?

Now, many people are interested in learning how Photoshop works but most of them don’t know how and where to start. The good news is, we can learn almost everything online. And so, I have created this HomeWork to share and learn the basics – for free! 🙂


To get started, you must have the Adobe Photoshop application. Download the application’s free trial here.

Once you have it, Let’s do it!


Anna is the founder and blogger behind Homeworks with Anna. She blogs about her love for arts, adventures, exploring, working at home, beauty, travel, community service, music, spa and food. She is also interested about home, life, dreams, freedom and God. Coming from working as advertising account executive for 2 years at a young age of 22, Anna finally decided to work at home as full time to live a life and work in freedom.

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