How I started investing in the Stock Market?

Admit it. The word “Stock Market”, “Money” and “Investing” seems to be complicated and risky when you hear it. Right? I had the same feeling before. With learning and guidance, I realized that Stock Market Investing can be simplified. Let me share with you the steps on how I started investing in the Stock Market:

  1. Think of your Dreams
Freedom is the goal. not riches.
Freedom is the goal. not riches.

This tip is very simple yet important. Having a plan or goal inspires and turns things easy. Just like you, one of my dreams is to be financially free. I wanted to give, to do the things I love and to love others more. How can I do it without enough resources? When I started to know ‘what’ I want, I got excited to know ‘how’ I can do it. Yes, you need to know the “what” so that you’ll now the “how”. And so, this lead me to…

2. Look for Mentors and guides

I was looking for someone to help me then I heard Truly Rich Club. It is a membership club headed by financial mentors and experts including its founder, Bo Sanchez.

I find Truly Rich Club good for me because it promotes both financial and spiritual abundance. This club simply turned Stock Market Investing as easy to understand by sharing wealth strategies and without using financial jargon. So this is really recommendable for a beginner like me!

By joining Truly Rich Club, members will receive monthly Stocks Updates and practical talks to guide members on what to buy and sell for their Stock investments. If you are interested to know more about this, get Bo Sanchez’ free e-book “My Maid Invests In The Stock Market… And Why You Should too” by visiting and signing up on this page.

3. Set a Richer Mindset

This is where I heard and become interested about financial literacy. Getting a mentor or guide is really a big help but what’s more important is our mindsets. This is because everything begins on our minds. As advised by a friend of mine from Truly Rich Club, I started to feed my mind with positive thinking and financial literacy. Yes, setting a richer mindset is not just about how you should spend and save.

I started by reading financial education books, watching finance seminars and surrounding myself with mentors, experts and success-driven people. I realized that I really need to open my mind to learn and act with the right mindset on money.

It takes books and time to learn. I’m happy to share with you that I got my beginner-friendly financial books from Kerygma Books.  The financial books I have were written by Bo Sanchez. His books are recommendable for his teachings are practical and easy to understand. You may check out  his books here.

4. Manage your income

Learning never stops and  the lessons must be applied. with the books I have read I learned that discipline and taking in charge of your finances is important. Steps like eliminating debts, increasing income and building emergency and retirement funds are the things to consider. To learn more about this, feel free to browse books here.

Everything will be easy with love, teamwork and hard work.
Everything will be easy with love, teamwork and hard work. Start now.

5. Start Investing

Do you know that you can open a stock account and start investing with an initial investment of  Php5,000.00? Yes, you can! and the good thing is, It’s up to you how much you’ll invest after opening an account. I started Stock Market investing  buy availing “Easy Investment Program” of COL Financial, a registered Philippine Stock Brokerage firm. With this, ordinary individuals like us could now open a stock account!

I realized that by simply investing in the stock market in long term, an employee or aspiring work-from-home woman like me can realistically earn millions without going abroad or starting a business.


Learning never stops. I am still on the process of repeating and doing the tips above. I cannot say that I already achieved the “freedom” I dream but I know that there is something that is happening. There is a change that is happening and it is with my mindset. It is fulfilling and freeing. With this I say that being guided by Truly Rich Club, learning from Kerygma Books and investing with COL Financial makes stock market investing easy for me. 🙂

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