YouTube, as we all know, is a site where we can watch and share video clips around the world. On the other side of the net we also have Scribd. Scribd, a social reading and publishing platform lets users browse and upload interesting reads and texts instead of videos. With this, Scribd was tagged as “The YouTube of Documents” by Wikipedia.

Written materials such us creative writings, recipes, how-to-guides, books, presentations, magazines, newspapers, and Resumes are some of the materials users can publish with Scribd.

Do you know what tool I use to share my presentations and HomeWorks tutorials? It’s Scribd! Interested to know how it works with blog presentation? Check below the embedded presentation from my Scribd account and learn more on how it works.

Stories to share? Questions? Comments? HomeWorks? Service or product to review?

Let’s do it!

Anna is the founder and blogger behind Homeworks with Anna. She blogs about her love for arts, adventures, exploring, working at home, beauty, travel, community service, music, spa and food. She is also interested about home, life, dreams, freedom and God. Coming from working as advertising account executive for 2 years at a young age of 22, Anna finally decided to work at home as full time to live a life and work in freedom.

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