It was more than a decade ago from the  last time I went to EK (Enchanted Kingdom).  Yet I still felt the joy, magic and excitement when I came back last December 28, 2015. The experience is still “magical” and the adventure was even more exciting.

On this page, I will share with you our adventure to give you few guides and ideas for your own EK-sperience.


1. Parking

You will have an exciting view of EK from their Parking lot! And even hear people screaming from the rides. Hehe! (Note: There is a minimal Car Parking Fee of P50.00)

2. Entrance

There are a couple of Ticket Booths in front of the Park. It is advisable to buy your tickets ahead of time especially when you are planning to go there on a holiday or peak season. Check this link for the ticket rates. (Note: No worries if you ran out of cash. There are ATMs near the entrance.)


If you are coming with kids, they are required to have their heights checked for tickets and rides restrictions.

3. Rides

Rio Grande Rapids
There are so many breathtaking rides to enjoy! It was just unfortunate on our part that we went there on a holiday season. There were many people and long lines. Therefore, we only have experienced a few rides. Hoping to try others next time! Oh Please! (Note: There are some rides that you will literally get wet. Bring your extra clothes or experience their “Magic Dryer”.)


EK will suddenly turn you back into a kid like magic.  The carousel ride was made more exciting for us just like the old times! 🙂


Have an amazing view of EK when you ride the Ferris Wheel!


This is EK at Night.


4. Booths and Rentals

ASide from various rides, EK also have Food stations, game booths and rentals for Stroller and Locker. Rentals costs P75.00 per day for Lockers and P150.00 per day for Strollers. You will need to surrender a valid ID upon the rental.
We rented a Stroller for Baby Yumi. Here is what its look like. 🙂
You will also enjoy hopping around EK’s various game booths just like we did! Each game booths have friendly staff. They can demonstrate how the game would be. Fee starts at P50.00 🙂

5. Other Attractions

Our adventure was even made more magical when EK brought us to Broadway. The Rialto 4D Theater is located on this area. It was just sad that the park was about to close and we didn’t got the experience. So my advise, plan a whole day adventure or plan your day ahead for the rides and attractions you wish to experience. 😉


We also had the chance to watch EK’s parade and wonderful fireworks display during our adventure! All rides were set closed a few minutes before the parade so everyone could watch.  We have seen Eldar, the Wizard! 🙂  (*Note: We went to EK on a holiday. I’m not sure if the parade and fireworks display also happens on a regular day.)


And so, these made our EKsperience a magical one. I’m happy to share with you our exciting experience through a video! Click and enjoy watching below! 🙂


Enchanted Kingdom is located at Sta. Rosa, Laguna. You can visit their website here.

Have an EK-citing stories to share? Feel free to post it below! 🙂



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